Assam oil Division - A Profile  
A remote place in the extreme northeast corner of the country etched out a place for itself in the industrial history of India over a century ago. This little town, Digboi, is the headquarters of the Assam Oil Division of the Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. and is regarded as the birthplace the country's petroleum industry. It was in this region that the pioneers struck oil in the midst of dense jungles at a time when there was hardly any industrial development in the country.The Digboi Refinery, commissioned in 1901 , is today India's oldest operating refinery and one of the oldest operating refineries in the world. In fact, it was the only refinery in India till the mid 1950's. Earlier owned and operated by the Assam Oil Company ltd. It came into the fold of the Indian Oil Corporation ltd. by an Act of Parliament on 14th.October 1981 and became Assam Oil Division of Indian Oil Ltd.
Post Nationalization, phase-wise modernization of the age old Refinery was taken up and a total transforma -tion of the of the Refinery have taken place over the decade or so.Today, with its vastly modernized operations and facilities, Digboi Refinery is an ISO 9002 - ISO 14001 and DNV OHSMS 1997 accredited refinery manufacturing major petroleum products and a wide range of specialty products. Digboi refinery also meets the requirements of BS 8800.
Sequestered in the idyllic hilly reaches of the Northeast, almost under the shadow of the Burma hills, Digboi is about 520 Kms, to the east of Guwahati on National Highway 38. Digboi Township - strewn with green hillocks and undulating plains - is another world in itself.